Beverly Hills Cop 2: The Prequel

Comedy. Classic. Adventure. Comedy. Action. Adventure. Pandemonium. Comedy. Ultra-violence……Great Soundtrack.

That’s how Mr. A describes today’s selection. Beverly Hill’s Cop.

About three minutes in, in the center of a fiery car chase, Mr. A wise intones, “This is the pandemonium I was referring to.”

I think my previous comments about his silence offended him. He is not a silent man.

Mr A is…

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The Usual Review for an Unusual Film

Mr. A feels like he is being turned into a character through the ramblings of this page. So I just want to make one thing very clear. Mr. A is a character. Of the most unusual kind.

His choice for tonight, after much deliberation, is the Usual Suspects. Unlike his usual witty, perpetual banter, Mr. A has nothing to say. “This movie is good and serious. I can’t think of anything humorous to say.”

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An American Love Story: The Patrick Bateman Story

Our next adventure takes us to the dark world of American Psycho.

“Eerie, very eerie,” as the detective summarizes.

It is a driving  satire of a decade before I was born yet still rings true. A dark caricature of the self-absorption that haunts humanity.  It is fundamentally a story about a guy who wants to get caught and doesn’t get caught. He even confesses. And no one believes him.

My favorite…

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A Total Thrill

Despite the late hour, we decided to splurge and watch one more movie. A trip into the future with Arnold in Total Recall.

It’s good to know that although brain manipulation and nail polish have upgraded significantly, there are still infomercials featuring old, bald men and bad digital effects. Although cars have developed into less sophisticated modes of transport sporting more boxy silhouettes…

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A Trip to the Desert

Part 2 of Movie Night #2 is the “spiritual successor” to Goodfellas…a number 2 if you will. Casino.

I will start off by saying this movie is second to none.

This movie has the best opening minute of any movie I have seen as DiNiro strolls out of a door in the most incredible cotton candy pink suit with a matching pink tie. Sadly the suit met a fiery end before it was even properly admired. It was…

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In cahoots with last night’s glimpse into the crime world, tonight’s movie excursion…

In cahoots with last night’s glimpse into the crime world, tonight’s movie excursion takes us to California 1997 with LA Confidential.

“Oh boy,” is my mate’s summation, when the first crime scene appears on screen. “Dead people. The money is gone.”

For once, both of his comments are true. There are a lot of dead people and lots of blood. To be expected from a crime drama I suppose.

The movie is…

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Learning from Journeys into Hell

Part two of moving watching night has finally been decided. *Que dramatic opening music* The Ninth Gate.

I did learn several important things during this 3 hour escapade into the realms of hell.

1) If any young, relatively hot woman who appears to never comb her hair is willing to join you on your quest to find ancient books and kicks a few bad guys in the face, be willing to follow her advice…

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I am proud of you. When I look at you, I am full of overpowering joy. I am not proud of you in the…

I am proud of you.

When I look at you, I am full of overpowering joy. I am not proud of you in the sense that I can take credit for you but in the sense that I found you….a jewel among rocks. A rose among the thorns. A novel in a sea of magazines. Color in a world of black and white.

When you smile, I want to stop the world and grab every person I force them to gaze at the perfection in it. When…

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I Found Hidden Treasure

I Found Hidden Treasure

We are not the only people in love. We do not have a great powerful love that no one else in the world has experienced. We are not better than anyone else. There are countless people who found soulmates and lived in long, blissful unions.

But we are happy. And that is a very rare thing.

When you take me home and I put my head on your shoulder before we get out of the car because I want to hold…

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Almost Too Late

They couldn’t help us. We were late. The woman we needed to talk to was gone. Our map was absent. We would have to try again.

We were attempting to rent the venue for our wedding. But of course, such things are never easy.

Could we just know if our date was possible? We were a bit discouraged at this point.

The woman disappeared.

I heard her voice before she rejoined us. The date was un-reserved.…

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Planning a Dream

I have never planned a party. I have never been the focus of a celebration. All my birthday bashes have been a simple affair with the guests in attendance being my four grandparents and four family members. 

But now I am the main coordinator of a day that will live in infamy. My wedding day. 

Despite my flaws and inexperience, many decisions are coming together quickly. I was not a girl who…

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Maturing Young Love

Think of your longest relationship: describe how your love has changed over time, did you go from the giddiness of infatuation, to mad passion, to deep respect, esteem, and friendship? Tell us about your love story.

When I first met you, I was infatuated…

…with another guy.

But pure friendship and notes of praise and jokes and…

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Buying Happiness

There once was a man who learned how to capture emotions. The way a photographer entraps scenes.

Like all humans he sought to profit with this new skill. He rented a shop and kept his feelings corked up on bottles. They lined up on shelves bearing labeled thought suitable. 

Rainy Day Melancholy. Wedding Bliss. Meandering Spirit (works best in the Spring). Drunken Happiness. Innocence of First…

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In Your Arms

I love when you touch me.

I love when you just reach out and graze your fingers upon my skin, as if compulsively reminding yourself that I am there. That I am real.

I love tight hugs from you. As if your affection for me cannot be tamed. As if you want me so close that you crush my ribs and steal my breath. As if you can hold me so close that we could become one.

I love the awe and love in your…

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The First Try


My memory is faintly foggy, like staring through rose-colored glasses. But what I believe to be the beginning, was the Lifetime of Lydia.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly I knew all my life, I’d been wandering. A lost little planet meandering the infinite of space searching for my sun. And then there she was. Glowing like a ball of light.

She stared at…

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